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As we define our personal and professional brand, the first thing we tend focus on is our personal image –our looks– since this is the first thing anyone will notice about us, and we all know how much first impressions count. In the same way our looks are part of our brand, our decor –whether it is in our home, office, or even in our tiny desk at work– reflects who we are and what our predominant feelings are. Therefore, it is very important to take our decor into consideration when defining our personal and professional brand.

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During my not-so-long lifetime, I had the opportunity of working for a company for about six years, where I had a small cubicle. At first, I did not pay too much attention to its decor. In fact, it was a bit messy –the corners of my two screen monitors were full of post-its, there were documents everywhere, and there was not a single personal thing that represented who I really was. The only thing I was representing at that time was how disorganized I was –guilty as charged but, did I really need everyone at work to know that about me?

Fortunately for me, our marketing department started talking about corporate image, and how everything we did represent our company in the eyes of our clients and vendor. That helped me realized what I was representing to everyone who came to my cubicle, so I decided to make a change. I got some ideas some from interior decor accounts I found on Instagram, and I purchased a couple of designer books on eBay, a vase with faux flowers and a stylish candy jar from Home Goods, and some gold office supplies from Target. I reorganized my cubicle and I decorated it with all these stylish items. Not only everyone loved my updated space but our marketing director came to my cubicle to congratulate me on how beautiful my desk was; she said my cubicle represented happiness and harmony. I think the Southwest decor I chose to add really made a difference. Not to mention the Southwest area rugs that I laid across the floor.

After my tiny cubicle decor, every time I came to work I felt happy and at peace. It is incredible how a well-decorated space can stimulate feelings of peace and tranquility. I was very pleased and proud of my decor and I was very happy to see how it reflected my personal and professional brand to others. At the end of the day, we spend the majority of our daytime at work, and nothing like coming to an inviting place we call our second home.…

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Hygge is feeling in overall convenience in an area and with oneself; This is frequently seen in hotels and spaces to accomplish that “house away from house” sensation. Aesthetically, it is the development of heat with the usage of soft and valuable textures and neutral tones that lead to intimate areas. Check out more interior design and area rug tips here赢咖娱乐下载安装网址线路









Extend upwards with storage, using the entirety of the open walls, or keep things tucked away neatly in drawers and a closet organizer. Use any negative space as a dressing area. If you have enough room, furnish it with an extravagant vanity and mirror for an upscale feel. More Southwest interior design tips赢咖娱乐下载安装手机首页